A Journey

One of many journey’s I am sure..
This one though, starts with me.

When I started this blog, August 2012
I was a smoker
I was over 20kgs overweight
I was unhealthy
I never exercised
I was disgusted with the way I looked and I used food to make things better

This journey is a very personal one.
It’s me.
Only better.

We went away to the Berg at the beginning of August, and we had a great time.
My husband posted a photo of me to facebook, it was awful.
I moaned at him for uploading such a photo of me, and his reply was
“babe this is how you look, get used to it”
Oh hell no!
no! No! NO!
I was HUGE, I can deny it all I want, but there was the proof.
I was disgusting.

We had no cell signal for most of the holiday, so that got me thinking..
2012 isn’t over yet, there is still time.
Time to change.
I made lists.. I love lists.
I set time frames for everything..
Once we got back, i put them into action.

First up was smoking..
I had help, I used Champix for just over a month.
It gave me headaches, and didn’t really take away the cravings.
I are loads of mints.
I put on 5 kgs.
But smoking is now over, I am now an ex smoker.
go me!

next up is the weight.
I didn’t want to use fad diets again, or diet pills, they do not help in the long run.
I need to change my lifestyle, do it properly and do it the healthy way.

A friend told me about Sleek Geek
Yes, this is what I need to kick start my new life.
I started Heat 3 on the 17th September.
here we go.

I have broken down my weight goals into 2.
First goal is with Sleek Geek
Start Date : 17/09/2012
End Date : 11/11/2012
Goal is to lose 10kgs
I CAN do this!

“It is NEVER too late to become what you might have been!”

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