Trust the process…

I hear this often.

Trust the process, keep at it..
it gets frustrating though, to not see the number on the scale move down.
When you know you are doing everything right and nothing moves.
Yes the Cm’s are going down, and you can feel and see a change..

but when you KNOW you have a lot of kgs’ to get rid of and the scale doesn’t bloody budge.


THAT’s where I am this week.

Frustrated beyond measure.. but no, not giving up.


I am starting a mini challenge with some close friends next week, it’s something very small and done with a group of awesome ladies, all on the same journey as me..
I am looking forward to it..
but not looking forward to the weigh in part, I know I weigh more than I look in clothes.. in fact, I don’t look too bad dressed…
it’s the parts that are hidden, the parts that you can’t see, that bug me.

so please let the scale move a bit this week.

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